26 February

Why Poverty – Colors in the Dust

Why Poverty – Colors in the Dust

Jonathan Stack, Ciné advisory board member, collaborated with graduates to produce this piece for the Why Poverty campaign.  

12 February

Haiti Optimiste 2013 Teaser

Please join us on this new date Thursday, January 24 2013 to celebrate Haitian artistry. Presented by FIAF, Ben Stiller, Jonathan Demme, Michele Montas and David Belle. The evening will feature Ciné Institute films, a performance by Emeline Michel, photography by Marc Baptiste and food by Chef Ron Duprat. Click here to buy your tickets!

11 February

Christian Science Monitor Highlights Jollywood; Ciné Institute

Christian Science Monitor Highlights Jollywood; Ciné Institute

‘Jollywood’ film school shines spotlight on Haiti’ Following the lead of ‘Bollywood’ in India and ‘Nollywood’ in Nigeria, ‘Jollywood’ hopes to become a center for filmmaking and film education in Haiti. New York-Jollywood is a merry-sounding name for the home of Haiti’s only film school: the Ciné Institute. That sense of promise will be showcased […]

10 February

Paolo Woods Workshop

Photographer Paolo Woods, born of Canadian and Dutch parentage, grew up in Italy, lived in Paris, and is now based in Haiti. Woods ran a laboratory and a photo gallery in Florence, Italy, before dedicating himself to documentary photography. He focuses on long-term projects that blend photography with investigative journalism. He presented some of his […]

8 February

Bruno Mourral & Gaëthan Chancy Workshop

Award winning commercial directors and producers Bruno Mourral and Gaëthan Chancy of Muska Group gave h a commercial cinematography workshop to second year Ciné Institute students.