We create modern opportunities for Haiti’s youth. Through training in film production and new audio-visual technologies we foster entrepreneurship and business development in local media industries.



Haiti’s GDP per capita income is $733.

A Ciné Institute Graduate’s annual income is often $6000 and higher.

Currently, less than 1% of Haitian high school graduates can afford to attend university. Widespread lack of access to affordable education is among Haiti’s most significant barriers to development, perpetuating the cycle of poverty between generations. We’re spearheading the modernization and growth of local creative industries that are vital to this country of artists and the future of the nation.



We believe Haiti’s future lies in the hands of its youth. We contribute towards fostering the economic and social revival of the nation by providing young people with access to professional film training and new employment opportunities.



Our team is made up of Haitian and international professionals who are extremely dedicated and passionate about creating a brighter future for Haiti.

Staff and Community

David Belle, Founder
Paula Hyppolite, Director, Artists Institute
Hermes Marco, Pedagogical Director
Jessica Dorce, Administrative Manager
Marie C. Beaulière, Administrative & Human Resources Assistant
Massena Cesar, Logistical Coordinator
Marc Henry Valmond, Public Relations Coordinator
Guy-Robert Barjon, Ciné Services Coordinator
Joel Junior Louis, IT Manager
Ebby Angel Louis, Professor
Alexandrine Benjamin, Professor
Danielle Champoux, Professor
Michaël Pineault, Professor
Keziah Jean, Professor
Gabriel Yvon, Professor
Marie Lucie Dubreuse, Education Coordinator
André Oxance Décime, Assistant to the professors & the Education Coordinator
Yrvelt Charles, Media Coordinator
Wilson Edmond, Director of Photography Trainee
Joël Charles, Production Trainee
Manasse Fortune, Post Production Coordinator
Ezechia Caillot, Assistant Professor
Dieubon Antonio Lefevre, Assistant Professor
Marie Carmelle Paul, Cinematography Coordinator
Mackendy Bellevue, Assistant Professor
Rene Pierre, Campus Electrician
Claude Gilles, Security
Jean Marie Edouard, Security
Ulrick Augustin, Security
Willer Bazelais,Security
Patrice Pierre, Security
Fritzner Baptiste, Security
Phillipe Pierre, Security
Godly Prévot, Transportation
Wilbert Prévot, Transportation
Robert Lafortune, Transportation
Jacqueline Antitone, Housekeeping
Mme Ricot, Housekeeping
Rolande Mondestin, Housekeeping
Mme Ilomene Badio, Kitchen Assistant
Emilia Mondesir, Kitchen Assistant
Shella Cesar, Kitchen Assistant
Andrélita Jean Louis, Kitchen Assistant
Micheline St Jean, Plongeure
Osse Merisier, Chief Groundskeeper
Rigaud Mathieu, Yard Crew
Dawens St Fleur, Yard Crew
Mackendy Jean Pierre, Landscaping
Gethro Desrivières, Landscaping

Board Members

Advisory Board Members

David Belle (USA)
Nathalie Brunet (Haiti)
Sylvie Roy Handal (Haiti)

Moran Atias (Israel)
Cameron Bailey (Canada)
Marc Baptiste (Haiti/USA)
Kevan Bean (USA)
Patricia Beauvais (Haiti/USA)
Ann Bresnan (USA)
Giles Clarke (USA)
Edwidge Danticat (Haiti)
Jean Silver Decayette (Haiti)
Jean Michel Dissard (France)
Dr. Paul Farmer (Haiti/USA)
Paul Haggis (Canada)
Kate Hobbs (USA)
Keziah Jean (Haiti)
Jimmy Jean Louis (Haiti)
Nathan Jenden (UK)
Tunde Kelani (Nigeria)
Amy King (USA)
Jerry Lamothe (Haiti/USA)
Patricia Lewis Benoit (Haiti/USA)
Lori Manuel (Haiti)
Michèle Pierre-Louis (Haiti)
Goli Samii (Iran)
Alec Sash (USA)
Michael Stahl-David (USA)
Luis Tosar (Spain)
Manuel Vaqué (Spain)
Loune Viaud (Haiti)
Bernard Weber (Switzerland)
Olivia Wilde (USA)



Paul Haggis
Ben Stiller
Donna Karan
Sean Penn
Jonathan Demme
Francis & Eleanor Coppola
Elisabeth de Kergorlay
Mona Scott Young
Manel Vaqué
Chef Ron Duprat
Harry Hjardemaal
Steve Sabba
David Carnahan
John Belle
Kate Hobbs
Nicole Alger & Zachary Karabel
Seith Mann
Suzanne Lerner
David Gioiella
Gilles & Olivia Bransbourg
Martyn & Ellen Ball
Henry R. Paul
Marie Monique Steckel
Sandra Tytel
Bradley Waugh
Rebekah Maysles
Paul Stallings
Sarina Tang
Deborah Soleyman
Marlon Mahon
Toni Monnin
Charles Libin
Mimi Gross
Jon Gilman
Nicola Lubitsch
Kim Vernon
Cholet Josue
Ronald Deshommes
Brad Learmonth
Carine Williams
Corrine Irish
Marilyn Antoine
Aurelie Chopra
Global Syndicate
Amanda Rice
Anna Glass-Coquillot
Anthony Chase
Ashley E Singer
Ben Fountain
David Mourning
Fenella Belle
Kevin T Cloutier
Rachelle Salnave
Elizabeth Dignam-Newman
Christopher Hammett
Claudi Bombardo
Donald Lenzer
James J Edwards
Jeffrey Zimbalist
Rebecca Carter
Grant Fuller
Mikaela Castellanos
Alec H. & Buffy Sash
Lisa A Carnahan
Marie-Helene McAndrew
Nicholas Perrins
Maria Stenz
Anne Aghion
Kathryn J Adams
Aaron Goldberg
Ashley Bradley
Bill Bragin
Charles Curran
Claudine Corbanese
Deborah Haggis
Elizabeth Yeoman
Kevin Noblet
Nina Shiffman
Jacquelyn Loughery
Margaret Newman
Dionne Searcey
Dorothy Darbouze
Eric Bruggemann
Michele Thelemaque
Allison B Sargent


Ciné Institute was born out of a local film festival. Beginning in 2004, Festival Film Jakmèl showed hundreds of international films free of charge to tens of thousands of Haitians. While the annual film festival was an extraordinary success, we discovered that audiences really wanted to see more local films and that Haiti’s youth were eager to learn how to make movies.

In 2008 Ciné Institute was officially launched to provide professional training in all aspects of filmmaking. The Institute is dedicated to building new creative sectors in the Haitian economy and to providing talented youth the tools necessary to tell their stories to the world. Festival Film Jakmel is now produced in various forms by our graduates.

In 2013, in strategic partnership with We are the World and Artists for Peace and Justice, our sister program Audio Institute was launched.

This powerful alliance, in conjunction with Artists for Haiti, has created the Artists Institute, a multi divisional campus for art and technology set on a magnificent 5 acre property by the sea in Jacmel.

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