9 April

Photography Workshop

In a workshop led by our Technical Film Teacher Jonny Silver, second year Ciné Institute students were asked to choose a photograph they admired and recreate the framing and lighting as accurately as possible. The following photographs were taken by our students Ricardo Tranquilin and Benedict Ambroise. Aren’t they beautiful?

5 April

GraphCity Workshop

Jean Paul Laraque and Hugue-Robert Marsan of GraphCity spent two days with Ciné Institute second year students, evaluating and editing music videos that they produced together. GraphCity is a group of young entrepreneurial tech-savvy Haitians based in  Pétion-ville who work both locally and internationally in the field of cinematography and advanced multimedia production. We were happy to […]

2 April

Giles Clarke Workshop

New York City based photographer and human rights activist Giles Clarke gave an awesome and innovative workshop on iPhone photography. His lecture highlighted the potential of social media for the rapid spread of breaking news internationally.

10 March

On the Set: Jus Papaye

Check out our photos from on the set of a Haitian papaya juice commercial. This exercise helped our students explore different film techniques and shots to enhance the perceived value of a product.

3 March

Alex Rademakers Workshop

Spanish director and writer Alex Rademakers known for Tokyo (2003), Aviones (2009) and Eva: Making Of (2012) came to came to visit us here in Jacmel. Alex led a fascinating workshop on advanced audio visual language to first year students.

3 March

Arnaud Robert Workshop

Arnaud Robert, who co-authored State with our friend Paolo Woods, began his career as a music journalist. He travels between Africa and the Caribbean in search of world music. Arnaud gradually extended his interest into other aspects of culture – particularly Vodou, contemporary African art, and social problems in these regions. He presented his documentary film Bondye Bon to […]

2 March

Roselaure Charles Workshop

Our 2011 Ciné Institute graduate Roselaure Charles who is currently studying at Ramapo College of New Jersey on a 3 year scholarship, came back to Jacmel visited our beautiful new campus. She shared her experience studying abroad with first and second year students, facing cultural and creative shock and growing enormously as a filmmaker. Roselaure […]

1 March

Jimmy Jean-Louis Workshop

Jimmy Jean Louis, a Haitian actor and model, and also a member of our advisory board, spent a day at Ciné Institute to present his newest film project, Toussaint Louverture. After his presentation he answered student questions regarding acting, filmmaking and his role in the upcoming film.

10 February

Paolo Woods Workshop

Photographer Paolo Woods, born of Canadian and Dutch parentage, grew up in Italy, lived in Paris, and is now based in Haiti. Woods ran a laboratory and a photo gallery in Florence, Italy, before dedicating himself to documentary photography. He focuses on long-term projects that blend photography with investigative journalism. He presented some of his […]

8 February

Bruno Mourral & Gaëthan Chancy Workshop

Award winning commercial directors and producers Bruno Mourral and Gaëthan Chancy of Muska Group gave h a commercial cinematography workshop to second year Ciné Institute students.