12 January

Francesc Sitges-Sardà Workshop

Advanced Editing Workshop with Spanish sound editor, animator, and writer Francesc Sitges-Sardà.

12 January

Camille Vizzavona Master Class

Screenwriting Master Class with French director and writer Camille Vizzavona.

11 January

Bernard Weber Workshop

Bernard Weber Workshop

Bernard Weber is a German documentary cinematographer and writer known for his fims Die Wiesenberger and Faust Recht. Bernard visited us in Jacmel and gave a student workshop on Visual Storytelling and Dramaturgy.

2 March

Charlie Libin Workshop

Charlie Libin, cinematographer and member of Friends of Ciné Institute (FOCI), took the opportunity during his trip to Jacmel to help distribute and set up relief supplies and equipment, to teach a cinematography class on how to shoot an action sequence. The class shot a portrait of Christophe an ATV four wheeler racer and owner […]

2 November

Leading Nigerian Filmmaker Tunde Kelani Helps Haitian Youth Build Local Industry Based on Nollywood

Since 2008, Mr. Kelani has been actively engaged in advising the Caribbean nation on how to build a sustainable local video film industry modeled after the successes of Nigeria’s own booming industry. During the course of his two week stay in Haiti, his second voyage there in the past year, Kelani held multiple screenings and […]

27 October

Advanced Cinematography Workshop

Hermes Marco teaches Second Year students advanced cinematography techniques.

11 October

Paxton Winters Workshop

Bilingual writer and director Paxton Winters gave a fantastic workshop on how to direct non-professional actors.  Speaking fluent Turkish, Paxton directed the final season of the hit police/ mafia drama series, Alacakaranlik (Twilight) in Istanbul, Turkey.  “When not working on his own projects, he can be found in Jacmel, Haiti teaching (and learning from) the […]

2 March

Gary Victor Workshop

Playwright and novelist Gary Victor is one of Haiti’s most read authors. An agronomist by training, Victor has contributed to the world of Haitian arts and letters in every genre, from journalism to novels to plays. His prolific, acclaimed work interlaces an irreverent, satirical perspective on Haitian society with Vodou-inspired magic realism. Gary Victor came to […]

11 February

Ciné Klas

Learning through educational audiovisual programming. Targetting 2,000 students each month, Ciné Klas provides media education for Jacmel’s public secondary schools through curated film screenings, critical discussions and integrated classroom assignments. In Sept 2009, Ciné Klas will expand to 4000 students through a sister program in Port-au-Prince.