Christian Science Monitor Highlights Jollywood; Ciné Institute

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‘Jollywood’ film school shines spotlight on Haiti’

Following the lead of ‘Bollywood’ in India and ‘Nollywood’ in Nigeria, ‘Jollywood’ hopes to become a center for filmmaking and film education in Haiti.

New York-Jollywood is a merry-sounding name for the home of Haiti’s only film school: the Ciné Institute. That sense of promise will be showcased Jan. 24 in New York City during Haiti Optimiste, the school’s first ever fundraiser.

The institute has come to one of the world’s media capitals, New York, to solicit funds and publicize its work. “We felt this was a cause coherent with the cultural mission we are promoting here in New York. We felt we should really support the school,” says Marie-Monique Steckel, president of French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF).

Three years after a strong earthquake devastated Haiti, the school has made great strides. But many challenges persist. The country has few local industries, scant natural resources, and much of its infrastructure remains in disrepair. Yet, through a combination of perseverance and generosity, Ciné Institute stands ready to celebrate.

The New York event, Haiti Optimiste, will feature a collection of new films from Ciné Institute’s students. Actor Ben Stiller, director Jonathan Demme, and Ciné Institute founder David Belle will participate in a panel discussion about recent films. Bravo’s Top Chef contestant chef Ron Duprat will be on hand, as well as Haitian songstress Emeline Michel and celebrity fashion photographer Marc Baptiste.

The fundraiser is as much about building awareness as it is financial support, says Mr. Belle, CEO of Artists for Peace and Justice and founder of Ciné Institute. Funds raised will be applied toward free tuition at Ciné Institute… Read more here

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