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Ciné Institute, Haiti’s only professional film school, provides Haitian youth with university level film education and experience, technical training and media related micro enterprise opportunities. The Institute trains aspiring local filmmakers in all aspects of production and produces films of all kinds in partnership with our students and graduates. Our objective is to provide Haiti’s talented youth with the knowledge and tools necessary to give birth to a local audiovisual industry.

We seek four full time Instructors to join our faculty. All positions are open for Oct 2015-Jun 2016 school year. We’re looking for full school year and trimester based teachers.

Production Instructor

Responsible for teaching Film Production, budgeting, accounting, AV genres, project development, business skills.

Film Studies Instructor

Responsible for teaching all theoretical and creative aspects of film studies. This includes: dramaturgy, film theory and history, screenwriting and directing. Also directing with non professional actors.

Visuals and Aesthetics Instructor

Responsible for teaching all visual and technical aspects of film production. This includes: photography, cinematography, audiovisual language, production design and aesthetics of image.

Editing and Sound Instructor

Responsible for teaching all aspects of post-production. This includes: editing and sound theory and postproduction tools: Final Cut Pro, Color, DVD Studio Pro, Compressor and Pro Tools.


Fluency in French or Creole (classes are conducted in both languages). English is not a requirement but it’s a plus. MFA, M.Ed. or other earned degree in Film or Cinema Studies, minimum two years of university level teaching experience or demonstrated experience in film production. Availability for residency in Jacmel, Haiti.

NOTE: Videographers need not apply. Two years teaching experience or minimum of five years narrative and commercial professional filmmaking experience required.


Return airfare to Haiti. Salary.


Ciné Institute, Haiti’s only film school, occupies a beautiful four-acre campus by the sea in the village of Meyer, 5 miles west of Jacmel. The Institute offers a university level two year program that teaches commercial film production to talented Haitian youth. Tuition is free but admission is highly competitive. Founded in 2006 by Haitian and international board members, the Institute’s primary objective is to revitalize Jacmel’s creative economy through the organic growth of a local film industry. We strive to support a nation filled with talent, passion, history, rich culture and great potential. We nurture and generate new opportunities for Haiti’s aspiring filmmakers.

The Institute’s faculty draws from award winning filmmakers from al over the world. International supporters include renowned filmmakers Francis Ford Coppola, Paul Haggis, Ben Stiller and Jonathan Demme, and The Academy of Arts and Sciences and Lucas Films among many others.


Ciné Institute’s curriculum is designed to quickly generate employable film creatives and technicians for the local market through theoretical teaching and practical experience. The first year of study requires immersion into all aspects of filmmaking within the genres of narrative, advertising, music videos and documentary. The second year of study requires a choice of a technical specialty: screenwriting, directing, producing, cinematography, sound, editing or production design. Both years are production intensive.

The school year is divided into three Trimesters: Oct-Dec, Jan-Mar, and Apr-Jun. Some of these are theory-based and others practice-based.


If interested please email resume or CV with Cover Letter and specify which of the positions you’re applying for in the EMAIL SUBJECT. Also, please insert “TRIMESTER” or “SCHOOL YEAR” on the subject of your email. Please also include a Pedagogical Philosophy Statement. The language for the application is English (ideal) or French.

Deadline for presentation is June 30th 2015 but candidates will start being considered and interviewed as their applications arrive.

Email to: