From Student to Teacher: Congratulations Ebby Louis Angel

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Ebby Louis Angel, Class of 2011, has just been hired as a Ciné Institute Teacher’s Assistant.


Ebby is part of Ciné Institute’s first batch of graduates, and a proud native of Jacmel. He is passionate about filmmaking, enjoys working on film sets and does what it takes to acquire the knowledge needed to excel as a filmmaker.

Being a diligent student, while at the Institute, earned him an internship in Jacmel with Haitian-American director Patricia Benoit. He also got a chance to showcase his first short film, Miss Body Plastik, in New York City.

As a Teacher’s Assistant, Library Manager and “Courage” workshop coordinator at Ciné Institute, Ebby is constantly faced with rewarding challenges. Under his “Courage” workshop, Ebby gives actor and story telling exercises to freshmen to help with better self and creative expression.

When asked about his experience, he says ” I am really enjoying my job at Cine Institute because I love stories in books, movies , theater etc… and to me they are journeys. I am learning so much by working with the teachers and I love sharing in the workshop because in order to share, you have to really understand what you are sharing .”
He seizes every job and learning opportunity to improve his skills and attain his goal of being a Director and Screenwriter.