Haiti: Open for Business?

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Watch full episode here!

In December, a team from Bloomberg TV came to Haiti for an episode of their programming dedicated to the economy entitled “Haiti: Open for Business?” Luckily, several of our Ciné Institute graduates were able to work on the project as part of Ciné Services, our division of continued production and training.

Additionally, the team from Bloomberg TV decided to interview our production director, Bayard Jean Bernard, a proud 2011 graduate of Ciné Institute. The interview can be seen 24 minutes into the episode! Bravo to the entire team for your wonderful work. In response, we’d just like to add, “YES, Haiti is definitely open for business!!!”


The team:

Donald Charles – Executive Producer Ciné Service

Bayard Jean Bernard – Production Director

Belony Jean Pierre – Camera

Marco Saint Juste – 2nd Camera

Dominique Frantz (Zoul) – Son

Betty Toussaint, Claudy Jules – Machinists

Deave Decime – 2nd Assistant Director

Serge Molierre – Driver


And our director / Invited trainer:

Meryam Joobeur – 2nd Director