Nan Lakou Kanaval directed by Kaveh Nabatian

The Hot Docs Film Festival is right around the corner (April 23rd to be exact) and featured is “Nan Lakou Kanaval” directed by our dear friend Kaveh Nabatian. This incredible filmmaker came down to Jacmel to teach our students at Cine Institute.  He has helped enrich and develop our students creative adventures and is now back on the scene with this incredible piece. 

This specific piece was filmed during his time here with the help of students from Cine Institute. The storyline is based off a haitian poem by Wood-Jerry Gabriel. In Nan Lakou Kanaval, Kaveh shares the beauty of the Haitian Kanaval from a unique and intriguing perspective. Mixed with Rara and festive Haitian music, this short film is sure to give you glimpse into this wonderful Haitian celebration.

We wish Kaveh all the best with the success of this amazing short film!