Ciné Institute provides subsidized training and technical support infrastructure to our students and graduates made possible through private donations and local income generating activities. Please help us continue our mission by supporting our programs.




Ciné Institute now provides training taught by its graduates. Other teaching openings are available for specific advanced workshops. Additionally, we encourage visiting professionals to contribute via lectures, screenings and master classes.

To submit your resume or to propose a visit or class, please contact:

To offer an internship and give a graduate experience and hands-on-training through your organization please contact

Mentor a student or graduate via the web. You can help steer their education and career; help them develop stories, critique their scripts, techniques, performances and rough cuts. Your expertise may be invaluable to a new filmmaker. Contact



Help to support Haiti’s growing film industry and Ciné Institute graduates by using our local crew and production services for your production needs. We produce all types of content and can offer local expertise and support for production of all kinds. Ciné Institute clients have included: Arcade Fire, Google, Donna Karan, Partners in Health, Government of Haiti, UNDP and many more! Contact:


“Ciné Institute produced our recent ad campaign in Jacmel. It was shot by Russell James and featured Adriana Lima. Ciné handled every detail in country of us. They also opened the doors to Haiti’s beauty and magic. I am so proud of the work we all created together. Ciné Institute’s values of education, creativity, jobs and commerce are very dear to my heart and so clearly a major aspect of what Haiti needs and deserves.”

- Donna Karan