Total Haiti-Konbit Rebwazman

Posted by on Feb 15, 2015 in News and Events | No Comments

We couldn’t more excited to present this amazing video to you produced by the students of Cine Institute! This incredible project was created as a campaign for Konbit Boazman, by Total Haiti. Total Haiti has launched this competition in order to promote and encourage reforestation in practices in haiti! The objective of Total Haiti is to bring light to all these wonderful projects which are often neglected by the public. So the students of Haiti couldn’t have been more than happy to join the movement.

This video is just a kick-off to a series that will be submitted to Total Haiti. And it wouldn’t be possible without our awesome cast and crew. The wonderful director of photography, Jeremy Earl, teamed up with one of graduates, Marco St., in order to bring this beautiful piece to life. We pride ourselves on the partnerships and relationships we have built and we’re happy to add this initiative to the list.