Widelande Edme Studies Filmmaking Abroad: Ciudad de la Luz-Centro de Estudios

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Widelande Edme is one of Ciné Institute’s exceptional graduates. Thanks to our extremely dedicated board member, Manel Vaqué, she is able to and is currently undertaking Film Editing courses at the Cuidad de la Luz-Centro de Estudios, located in Alicante, Spain. She takes great pride in her work as Documentary Filmmaker, which is why she is excited to broaden her knowledge in the field. Her favorite class is Film History, particularly the works of Fritz Lang and Alfred Hitchcock. Although the language is challenging, she has great support from the Institute, making her studies a lot more enjoyable. Upon completion of her advanced studies in Spain, Widelande will return to Jacmel to join Cine Institute’s faculty while working as an independent local filmmaker.

Widelande Edme